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It’s not necessary to stress details which by now everyone is familiar with: the need and desire for freedom and justice of the people in the Middle East has never before been as visible as in the current events in Egypt, triggered by the revolts in Tunisia and possibly followed by other movements in the region. We believe that the worldwide support is vital for the movement and that the potential and energy that has been unleashed should be fostered and facilitated.

A week ago, we started thinking about an international benefit fusion concert (middle to large scale) to raise and heighten awareness for the situation, show support for those directly affected and use creative powers in order to foster creativity, peace and understanding beyond the revolution.

The music freedom day on March 3 seems to be a perfect date.

Of course we thought of Cairo at first but have come to the conclusion that right now it will be more feasible in Europe - we are based in Germany and have instrumental contacts in London and maybe Switzerland.
So far we have a rather precise vision, have established some helpful contacts (mainly in Europe), got positive feedback from various organizations, and the promise to use their infrastructure. Also we have plans how this project could be continued beyond this immediate concert.

We, a small group of people with some experience in cultural project work, albeit not on this scale so far, are committed and enthusiastic, however, right now it seems to stand and fall with institutional support. Since we are not (yet) institutionalized, thus so far apparently lacking trustworthiness and liability, we need an organization/institution or else agency to step in as organizers with their name, infrastructure, resources and legal structure. Otherwise, and this is sad and frustrating to state, this ambitious and absolutely ‘philanthropic’ project is not going to happen.

This is where we ask for your help, advice and action.

Can you imagine functioning as organizer for this project? Alternatively, can you think of another NGO or corporation/association that could (and would)?
Besides we are of course more than happy about your support in terms of advice, actual creative (wo)manpower, or any other possible way. Time is running and the sooner we can manage to stage the project the greater the impact will be.

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Sara, where do you want to do this? In Germany? Let me know (or let the people visiting the site know) and we can give you some personal contacts ,

Mary Ann
Thanks Mary Ann, you are right, I didn't make that clear. I updated it.
Im contacting my friends and sharing the link. I hope it will work out. Great initiative!!!
Posted it on Twitter - great concept, I hope you find good folks to work with!

Dear Sara,


People were sending me your post in the last days and I must say: I like your call for action a lot. And I've got good news for you. The organizer, NGOs and even companies and hundreds of volunteers (in east and west) you are looking for ALREADY EXIST. With Head Quarters in ... (believe it or not) CAIRO. The MasterPeace Foundation. See also

Since 2009 we're silently building the most heartwarming peace concert ever. The MASTERPEACE Concert. We will launch the MasterPeace campaigning this year out of Cairo on the International Day of Peace, 21 September. And on that moment we will start 3 years of increased campaigning & peace-building activities all over the world. All leading towards the MasterPeace Concert in Cairo on Peace Day 2014 as the global apotheosis of the campaign.

So the concert will not take place next month, because we absolutely don't want it to be just another one-of concert. For the ultimate effect (including global broadcasting, etc) it needs to be extremely professional and it could serve as a REWARD for people becoming active on peace-building in the broadest sense in the coming years. Because nobody can buy tickets for the MasterPeace concert, but everybody can earn them!! Are you with us (and are we with all of you)?

Please read more about our project in our Passion Statement


And please Sara and your fellow team-members, see this as an invitation to join our daily growing team. Let's share energy and creativity. Unity is needed. And I also hope all other readers and the people behind the wonderful Arts & Justice network will see this as an invitation to start co-creating together with us.


Greetings from the two initiators for all of you,


Ilco van der Linde (NL/Spain) and Mohamed Helmy (Egypt), who's now cleaning the roads in downtown Cairo, so the young, peaceful and open-minded people of Egypt can use them to march on them towards the next unbelievable success!! 



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