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Egyptians are desperate to get their own accounts out - petitions and dial-up numbers to share

I had news from a friend in Cairo via phone last night who said that people are still stone-set to carry this through and extremely excited but are becoming more and more tight and exhausted, too.
Supplies are getting scarce, among them food but also things like phonecards, and they are still very suspicious about yet another malicious move from the government to discredit the protests or just plainly kill them.

Most of all they are desperate to be heard and give their own accounts - internet access is a vital issue as it seems.


There are a few campaigns you might want to sign or share:

get Egypt back online by Access:

Avaaz has a petition out, too:

This is a list of international dial-up numbers and 20 ways to circumvent the internet block:


Please share if you are in contact with anyone in Egypt.

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